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We develop 3-axis camera gimbals.

These gimbals can connect to a handbar, monopod, tripod and drone.
The gimbal can be controlled remotely by a second operator via RC-transmitter and Android App via Bluetooth.

3-Axis camera gimbal Skylab360

We work together with high skilled technicians in China and The Netherlands, to produce a very sophisticated camera stabilizer.


  • 3-axis control of camera
  • AlexMos 32-bit controller
  • Free software to configure the gimbal
  • Remote control by bluetooth and RC-transmitter
  • Fully customizable
  • Carbon tubes for lightweigth gimbal
  • Aluminum CNC'd parts for sturdy connections
  • Brushless motor controls
  • Double sensor system for great accuracy
  • Suited for DSLR camera's, BlackMagic camera's and more
  • Easy to use, no learning skills and training required